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Transmission Repair


The transmission in most European and other highly engineered cars takes special knowledge and experience to service and repair. Finding the right service and repair center to keep your car in top condition is essential.

Symptoms of a Poor Performing Transmission

Transmissions are not only important to the inner workings of the vehicle; they also have a direct impact on how comfortable your drive is. If your transmission is failing, you will begin to see symptoms exhibited that are noticeable to your car’s performance. Here are a few signs your transmission is experiencing issues.

  • Jerking Motion While Driving: When your car reaches specific RPMs, it will begin the shifting process. If the car lunges or jerks forward, it means the transmission is having difficulty making a smooth shift in gears.
  • Whining Noise: A transmission that is low on fluid or has a fluid stoppage will have a whining sound coming from under the car while driving.
  • Leaks: When transmission seals go bad, your car will experience the leaking of transmission fluid. This is important in the San Francisco area, as seals can deteriorate much faster in the salty air of the Bay area.
  • Overheating: If your transmission is experiencing issues, it can cause the vehicle to overheat while driving.

Proper Transmission Servicing

Our certified technicians understand the issues your vehicle’s transmission face. Bringing in your vehicle for regular maintenance can reduce your chances of creating a costly repair for yourself. Make an appointment today to have your transmission inspected and serviced.

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