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A/C Repair


Air conditioners in high-end European cars require regular and unique servicing that you cannot get just anywhere. Technicians need special training on properly caring for your car’s air conditioning to keep it running efficiently and provide what you expect in comfort.

Indications Your Car’s A/C is Not Performing

Since we drive our cars almost every day to commute and run errands, it can be difficult to detect an issue with our air conditioning system until it completely fails, especially if the problem builds up gradually. There are signs, however, that your air conditioner may be failing long before you get stuck in traffic without A/C on a scorching hot day.

  • Your system may be cooling but does not quite seem to be blowing as cold as when your car was new. This may mean the freon used to cool the air is low.
  • If the air coming out of the vents is weak, there could be an issue with your air conditioning filter being clogged or the fan motor itself.
  • A squeaking noise may indicate the drive belt is damaged and slipping. If this occurs, your car’s compressor will not work as designed.
  • Your car’s system is only blowing hot air. This is a complete failure within the system and needs immediate attention.

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